Tree of Knowledge's Peapodo

Tree of Knowledge: Peapodo

This project was awarded to 4c Design. I worked on it during my employment with the company. On this project, I was project lead.

Tree of Knowledge run workshops and courses for businesses and schools to help engage, motivate and educate. The Peapodo is one of the tools they use in their workshops. Our brief was to simply create new packaging for the peas, aka, the seeds of creative inspiration!

The first iteration of this product used a challenging plastic mould. While attractive, it was a manufacturing and functional nightmare. In the second iteration we opted to stick with the peapod concept. This would house the peas in a neoprene shell to make the product aesthetically pleasing as well as easily accessible.

I think you’ll agree, the final result is a design that looks the part as well as being incredibly functional. To find out more about Tree of Knowledge and what they do, follow the link above. 


Launched August 2012