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MADE Company Ethos

Product Design Scotland – Michael Aldridge is a freelance consultant who established MADE Products. A consultancy focused on product development, is a naturally varied profession. Consequently, Michael has worked on a tremendously diverse range of projects. From aesthetic design for high-end audio companies; to heavy engineering for distilleries; to mass production consumer products. He has also had the privilege of working for some of Scotland’s leading design firms and individuals. With which he still maintains close ties.

This experience means that Michael has developed a keen sense on the optimal approach to understanding and tackling design challenges. It is surprising how the same methodology can be applied to the design of a space rocket as to the cover of a mobile phone. Although admittedly, one takes a little longer.

As a sole consultant, Michael can provide a one-on-one approach to the design process. He can tailor his services to suit the requirements of his customers; depending upon the product, funding, timescale and design needs.

Please see our Approach page, to view our Product Design Engineering Approach and how we might be able to help you in your product journey.


Michael Aldridge - Product Design Engineer and Founder of MADE

Michael Aldridge - MEng CEng IMIMechE

Company Founder and Product Design Engineer

Michael graduated from Strathclyde University with a Masters in Product Design Engineering in 2008. Since graduating he has worked for several leading Scottish design firms and maintains a strong network of design and engineering connections.

Michael is a tenacious individual who believes in hard work and attention to detail, while maintaining a healthy work life balance. He has a passion for travel and has managed to reach all seven continents.

As a designer, Michael’s mind is never resting and even when on holiday, he cannot help but dissect how something works or why something is designed as it is. This experience helps to broaden his approach to design and expand his toolbox of engineering solutions.

Dora Hetherington - BA(Hons) MDes

Head of Product Development

Dora graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Textile Design. Since graduating, Dora has spent several years in industry; during which time she worked for award-winning companies as a designer, brand development manager and project coordinator.

Within MADE, Dora’s primary focus is internal IP generation, product development and bringing products to market. 

Our focus will be to create quality products that people will want to treasure throughout that products lifecycle. Customer service will be paramount, and the sustainability and environmental impact of the product considered at all stages. We want to look after this world and create a sustainable future.

Dora Hetherington - Head of Product Development at MADE

References & Awards

BEEA Award - Product Design Engineer of the Year 2012, winner Michael Aldridge

Young Design Engineer of the Year 2012 Award - BEEA

“I am proud to say that I have been awarded Young Design Engineer of the Year 2012 at the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs). I was nominated for the award along with candidates from across the United Kingdom.

The award was given based upon my work at a design engineering consultancy. Work which includes an innovative electric bike design and a vaccine bottling machine.”

You can read more about it here.

Michael is a true gem in the crown that is 4c Designs. I commissioned 4c Designs to work with me on FreeFlow Technologies Electric Bike project and Michael was an integral part of that team. Michael's sheer grasp of understanding what is mechanically or theoretically possible is endless, this strives him on to create what the rest of the world deem impossible. Thank you Michael for bearing with me on all the design challenges we came across in building the Saltire City. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael for any Mechanical Design work or Design in general for that matter!!
Michael formed part of the team that helped develop, design and manufacture the Glasgow 2014 Queen's Baton. His foresight and input was instrumental in creating a truly innovative, recognisable and unforgettable baton that has set new heights for future baton's. Michael's diligence and tenacity throughout the project confirms to me that he would be a great attribute to any of his future endeavours.
Michael is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is energetic, imaginative, committed and brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the Glasgow & SW Scotland Area Committee. He commits a significant amount of time to volunteering for the IMechE and has made a valuable contribution in raising the profile of the Committee and the engineering profession.
I had the pleasure of working with Michael for over 4 years at 4c Design Ltd and found his passion for design and engineering quite infectious. Part of the culture at 4c was to 'build to think' which he embraced whole-heartedly making good use of the workshop to develop early prototypes. A great addition to any team!
Working with Michael is an absolute pleasure, he’s not only enthusiastic and passionate about product design & engineering he’s a complete professional every step of the way, not many people have that mix in my experience. All you need to do is meet him once and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
During the time that I worked with Michael he always conducted himself in a highly professional manner and displayed a wide variety of design skills. Over and above this set of skills he clearly has a natural ability to design great products. He was a great colleague and I wish him every success in the future.
Michael is someone you can trust and rely upon to get the job done. Right from the beginning of the project Michael went out his way to understand exactly what we were trying to achieve. Very talented and very creative, I strongly recommend Michael if you have an idea for a new product!