Tannoy Precision 6 Speakers

Tannoy: Precision 6 Speakers

This project was awarded to 4c Design. I worked on it during my employment with the company.

The Tannoy Precision 6 Speakers, are a design that I’m particularly proud of! I have worked for Tannoy on many projects and understand the brand and product range. Typically with a Tannoy brief we are told the following. The speaker volume; size; the number of drivers; targeted market segment and any acoustic specifics of the speaker. It is then our responsibility to establish the aesthetic design.

Launched August 2012


Design Development...

The project began with generating a broad range of concepts. This is done to get inside the minds of the people at Tannoy and to better understand the design required. For instance, how bold can we go? Or, should the speakers have a technical or elegant look?

As the design is refined, we move from simple sketches to 3D modelled and rendered designs. We may also render the speaker in its different iterations. Floorstanding, Bookshelf, Centre Speaker for example.

At this time, the details are focused on the trim and finishes. Often there must be a balancing act to achieving the desired aesthetic and while also achieving the correct price point. Acoustics are also a key consideration. It’s important we consult closely with the Tannoy boffins to ensure we have a shape that is acoustically optimised.

Once an aesthetic is pinned down, we hand over a 3D design to Tannoy. They then begin the work of prototyping and designing for manufacture. We are often consulted throughout this phase with aesthetic queries.

The Result...

I was very pleased with the look of these speakers. While the shape is simple, the devil is in the detail. The Walnut finish is seamless from all angles and the form compliments many households. The trim is subtle, but conveys the power of the speaker, and can be hidden behind a grille when a yet more subtle look is desired. The speaker’s aesthetic has been very well received when the product has been sold world-wide.

Specification and Range...

  • Precision 6.4 – Four Driver Floorstanding Speakers
  • Precision 6.2 – Two Driver Floorstanding Speakers
  • Precision 6.1 – One Driver Bookshelf
  • Precision 6C – Three Driver Centre Speaker

Unique cabinet design, Audiophile crossover, Precious metal wiring, High end connections, Dedicated plinths, Mass Loading Cavity (MLC)