RFD Survitect Liferaft Prototype

Survitec: Liferaft Case

This project was awarded to 4c Design. I worked on it during my employment with the company.

Survitec initially commissioned us to redesign their leisure liferaft cases to look more visually appealing. However, through our research phase we identified many other areas we could improve upon. For example; handleability; documentation support; manufacturability; ease of deployment of the liferaft. After pitching these improvements back to the client, we were given the go ahead to rethink the project.

We achieved the initial brief of creating a better-looking case, while also solving several other functional issues of typical these cases. However, our primary achievement was in the utilisation of an alternative manufacturing technique. At the time this was unique and completely unused within the liferaft industry. The result was a significant reduced production cost. In fact, its success led to the complete redesign of all Survitec liferaft cases, both leisure and commercial.

The result was a more aesthetically appealing case, which was better for transporting and storing documentation. Critically, in utilising a different manufacturing technique, we were able to reduce the cost of the product for the client. This product is now sold around the world and can be seen in most marinas.