Michael Aldridge – Chartered Engineer CEng

Michael Aldridge - Chartered Engineer

I have been awarded Chartered Status as Engineer by IMechE. This is in recognition of my professional competencies through training and practice experience.

I debated long and hard about the merits of becoming registered and about who to become registered with. In some senses it is little more than extra initials after your name (Michael Aldridge MEng CEng MIMechE). Fun.. but the real value is in the proof to other engineers that I have built upon the academic learning of University and put it into practice in the real world. Engineering after all is a practical profession and without experience, it”s academic value is limited.

I spent some time short-listing different institutions to become registered with. Some more design orientated, and some more engineering. In the end I opted for IMechE for several reasons; firstly I am on the regional Glasgow Committee for the IMechE, this gave me an inside knowledge of the IMechE and the events in my local area, it also allows me to network with other IMechE members. Secondly, the IMechE is the largest institution and its international credentials appealed for if I ever follow a career abroad. And finally, through the IMechE I have attended a few Primary Engineer events, these events aim to promote engineering in schools. I was blown away how good these events were and fully believe in the cause.

I am very proud to now place the CEng initials after my name. If anyone would like help or advice on how to become chartered, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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