How to Turn your Idea into a Product

How to Turn an Idea into a Product

You’ve got an amazing idea for a product and want to start developing it. Here’s how to take an innovative idea to a market-ready product in a few key steps.

How to Design for Injection Moulding

Design for Injection Moulding with a chess piece

Injection Moulding design guidelines from the perspective of a design engineer. How to keep your manufacturer happy while also achieving the best design.

Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

Custom Engagement Ring designed by Michael Aldridge

I wanted to get the ring right and for me that meant a custom ring, this is how I designed and commissioned a custom engagement ring for my fiancée.

Essential Questions for your First Product Design

Essential Design Questions

Are you considering taking the plunge and designing your first product? It can be a daunting stage, but fear not, we are here to help with this handy guide.

Guide to fitting Superstar Plasma Chain Device

Guide to fitting Superstar Plasma Chain Device

Guide on how to properly fit a Superstar Chain Device to your bike. Not my usual type of blog post, but felt that someone needed to make a guide.

Free Solidworks Licence for Students

Solidworks Free Student Licence

Little known secret of how to get a free licence of Solidworks CAD software if you are a student or educator. Free is better than cheap!