Guide to fitting Superstar Plasma Chain Device

Step-by-step instructions on how to fit the Superstar Plasma Chain Device. Also applicable to most chain devices on the market today.

Superstar Plasma Chain Guide

The Superstar Plasmas device is a fantastic chain guide that works very well and available at a sensible price (£50, or less if you get lucky with a sale), the only problem I had was that no instructions were provided for installation. This guide takes you through the steps required to install it successfully.

I fit the device to a Trek Remedy 8, 2011 with ISCG03 mounts (aka ISCG Standard), the device is also available in ISCG05 version. Both versions include a bracket for frames without mounts, the bracket is clamped into the bottom bracket. This manual should be the same for all bikes. See both versions of the Superstar chain device above.

Superstar Chain Guide Parts

The Superstar Chain Device includes the following parts:

  • top and bottom guide
  • backplate
  • blackplate bracket
  • 3 countersunk screws
  • 6 washers.
Superstar Chainguide Correct Installation

Happy Riding!

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