Young Design Engineer of the Year 2012 – BEEAS

Young Design Engineer of the Year 2012 - BEEAs

Young Design Engineer of the Year

awarded at the British Engineering Excellence Awards

(BEEAS Website)

It all started with a sleepless night on the ‘sleeper’ train down from Glasgow to London. On the morning we donned our best suits (something not too familiar for me working in a design office) and made our way to 1 Birdcage Walk for an early client meeting in the very opulent settings of the IMechE HQ. After that it was a short walk up the Monopoly board to the equally opulent venue of the awards.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole ordeal we made our way to our seats and got settled for an uncomfortable wait. After an especially tasty three course meal the awards began, leaving me in suspense as the category Young Design Engineer of the Year was not due to be announced until the end. As the other awards were announced I became aware of the high calibre of engineering in the room; something to aspire to.

Young Design Engineer of the Year - British Engineering Excellence Awards 2012

Before I knew it, it was time and the presenter was running through the nominees. I found it strange to see my picture broadcast onto the big screen and hear a summary of my career to date. The presenter explained how the judging panel were torn between two candidates and so in an unprecedented move would be making two awards. Both to myself and Simon Pykett as Young Design Engineers of the Year.

As I was accepting my award, photographs were taken and the like, I was struck by how genuine people were in congratulating me. It was an extremely nice moment and I am very proud to receive such an accolade.

After the awards it was a (literal) sprint across town to get back to the airport with just enough time for a pint in the airport before again sprinting to the gate and flight home.

The BEEAs event is due to be published in the upcoming editions of Eureka Magazine and New Electronics, so be sure to pick up a copy.

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The BEEAs awards are published in the November 2012 issue of the Eureka Magazine, featuring yours truly.

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